Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Second shitty first draft :)

I have this printed out, ready to tweak n edit, but decided to be truthful and post the real first scribbled draft. It amazes me sometimes how these seemingly random collection of words end up being shaped into something completely unrecognisable, its like a treasure hunt where you get clues and have to dig for the real words underneath it all.

This disjointed hand free falls
curves past tattered faces
that tangle and writhe
we tried to hold on
but they plummet

we can never keep
cracked knuckles immobile
shudders spasm them open

Impact will not shatter us
only tears and voices
make us crumble
it’s the moment before we fall
that splits us

we hope these frantic gestures
give us something to hold
that what we cling to

is what crashes  us down.

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