Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Day 3 - the super quick draft

I've had very little time today, and have literally sat down and boshed this out while dinner is cooking. From start to finish the draft took 20 minutes.

I tried a brief response to an image (I usually love using images as prompts) but was getting nowhere, so I returned to another old favourite - line replacement. For this technique of poem generation, randomly select a poem from a book, copy out every other line, fill in the blanks with your own words (it has to make a new poem that's half yours, half the original poem). Then write out the lines you wrote and fill in the blanks again. Voila, you end up with all your own work.

Today I used Denise Riley's poem 'Knowing in the Real World'.
This was my result.

My yells rebound, puddle
at the feet of strangers

the echo simpers towards me
unable to contain that moment

between wavelength & velocity
each vibration sizzling against my skin

like sunburn. I am scorched
tears evaporate

I seal my lips, huddle
beneath my imaginary silence

wrap myself
in invisible conversations

We always underestimate
the way they speak, whispers

cut skin, and this blood shadow

shouts beyond the dark.

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