Friday, 25 July 2014

The trouble with blogs...

is that they remind you of good intentions. Coming back to this after a while I’m reminded of the month of first drafts I tried to write. But life got in the way, I did write a fair few, but they didn’t make it as far as this blog.

I guess though that there is something to be said for keeping on trying, even if we don’t succeed. Life knocks us off track, but we keep on trying again and again. So here’s another entry, full of good intentions to keep it going, but without any promises.

At present I’m working on a portfolio of poetry for my MA dissertation. The fact I’m working on my dissertation is a kind of ‘Wow I’m nearly there’, but brings with it ‘how will I get it done in time? Will it be good enough?’ Along with the thorough enjoyment of what I’m doing.

And underlying all that is a slight panic as to what I’ll do with myself once it’s over! I’ve been studying for years and years, and I know that I write much better when I have deadlines. So somehow I need to find a way to get that motivation going.  Give myself some self-imposed deadlines.

My dissertation is  based on translations of Propertius’ Elegies. He was obsessed with a woman called Cynthia and wrote so many poems about their love story. They’re sort of romantic to work with, but at the same time, now and then I think if he was around today he would be officially emo

If his relationship with Cynthia was truly as he wrote it, they sound a co-destructive couple. However, if I think back to my lovelorn angst ridden teen poetry, I can assume that what he writes is very biased, we’re only seeing one perspective on his life, so I have to hope it wasn’t as bad as he makes out.