Handmade books


Rubber stamps and watercolour on handmade paper, tied with a ribbon, with pmc silver rose charm attached. The poem tells of the loss of a baby.

Sea Turtle

An accordion fold book, made using rubber stamping and inkjet printing. Contains a poem inspired by a pregnant friend.

Guilty pleasures

A flexagon contained in book casing. The flexagon is folded in different ways to reveal 4 different guilty pleasures.

Love Letters

A wooden box containing tiny love letters. One envelope holds the poem Love Letters, which tells of a disturbing discovery after a divorce.

A dark nursery-rhyme style poem in a tiny ink-jet printed children’s book, contained in a safety pinned nappy

Sunday Best

A montage poem contained in an accordion fold book. Colour photocopying and potato printing.
Handmade Journal 
 Rubber stamping on gessoed canvas.