Saturday, 25 June 2011

Thinking aloud

Introspection can be a good thing. So often we spend our time rushing from one place to another, and we just don’t get the time to process everything that’s happening in our lives. We run at full tilt and then, when we do stop, everything we’ve been dragging behind us catches up and crashes into us.

And it takes time to work through that ‘stuff’ – for me some of it has come out in poems, other stuff has just been splurged onto the page or been unloaded to friends. I think so often we don’t realise how fast we’ve been moving, how much we’ve miss because we simply haven’t had time to notice.

Not only has the hut given me space to sit and write, to rediscover what I need to say, but it has also given me a chance to catch my breath and clear the clutter I’ve accumulated over the last few years. It’s made me realise how important it is to make time to just sit, as well as make the time to write. To just let life flow past for a while and get some perspective. How can we create if we’re clogged with everything that’s going on around us?


  1. Thinking aloud, you may or not have realised that the photograph you have published above infringes copyright issues since this is identical photograph to the photograph I took and copyrighted during my Residency at the hut. I therefore request from you removal of this photograph please.

  2. What a lovely time to have the hut. We had it in the very cold winter months but still benefited from the stillness and time out. Let us know when your open day is and I'll try to make it. Bet its a little different at the moment. Have a lovely time.

  3. Well I was the first hut resident and I also took that photo. You can't stop someone from taking the same photo as you!! How ridiculous!

  4. Well Bunny I didn't see your photo.. you cannot stop somebody from taken photos which have not been seen...but when somebody see a photograph whose author has made clear has intellectual property rights, we're talking about different matter...mine was taken and copyrighted, did you publish or copyrighted yours? Mine was both published in Creative Canterbury and copyrighted, I was previous to the current resident who has access to Creative Canterbury page, it's not ridiculous the fact that there's an infringement in intellectual property, what's the hell! it's ridiculously obvious the lacks in people's creativity an lack of honesty to admit it.

  5. Hi, firstly, I have never seen your photo, secondly that image is the view from the hut door, I took the photo and as far as I am aware you can't copyright a view.

    I'm sorry if this upsets you, but the reason I posted this image is because that view inspired a poem for me, you yourself have obviously realised how powerful that image can be, so I would ask that you respect my right to self expression as I would respect yours.

    If you wish to discuss this further please email me so we can resolve this privately rather than cover my blog with negativity.
    Many thanks

  6. M.A.L.Huguet.... you clearly have no idea of the law. You own the copyright of whatever picture you took, just as Nicky owns the copyright of her picture (and Bunny hers, and anyone else theirs). You do not own a "view" and anyone can take photos of any view they like they just cant take a copy of your actual photo of your website and use it as theirs. There is no infringement of intellectual property here and I would suggest that you learn the law before making wild accusations at people.

    As for your non-legal “comments” well they are more subjective.. lack of creativity/imagination – I’m not sure that really is far either. Perhaps you can’t imagine that others can be creative or perhaps you can’t imagine that others might sit at the beach hut and look forwards or sideways and think… that’s an interesting picture.. I will take a photo.

    Frankly I think you are straying into rude and abusive behaviour but Nicky seems to be more forgiving and conciliatory than I would be….

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  8. Silk...let me guess... you must be a solicitor since you declare that I have not idea of the law...mmm! Let me tell you something...I know what I know, which is you? Indeed I've not studied law, I have studied Art to a postgraduate level and as such I have read enough about copyright matters and moral issues but thanks for your suggestion.

    Of course anybody can take a photo to a view, I dont' own the views, that's for you to enjoy. I, as an artist, I gain inspiration from views, from which I capture ideas and portray them in what ever media I may want to, in this case it was a photograph from a view, which no many people have access to it what I did capture and I published it as an artwork, copyrighted and used it for commercialising my work at the residency. The only people who may have access to the same view have been the artists in residency. Casually, no any other artist has published this photo before I did, and only after I did. These are the facts.
    As for the accusation you say I did, I did nothing else than to ask to remove it for these obvious reasons.

    As for your comment about subjectivity, another day I may give you a lecture about this as well as for creativity and imagination but not now. There is a bit of difference between being rude or abusive and being completely honest. Obviously, your opinion, as well as mine, are based in subjective views and how the message is understood will depend on your capacity to appreciate its implications on moral and legal terms.

    Nicky, there's not negativity in my words, am positive we can resolve this out and privately. Good luck with your work!

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