Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Midsummer's day

It’s Midsummer’s Day and its cloudy and grey, looks like rain. I’m guessing that despite it being the longest day of the year, curtains will have to be drawn and lights put on early tonight.

I’m also at about the midway point of my time here – this week is a pivot, tilting into the second half of my time at the Little Blue Hut, and the beginning of the countdown to Christmas (187 days by the way).

The mad outpourings of last week seem to have slowed somewhat, and I’ve taken a little time to go back and read what I’ve written so far, and tinkered a little too. On the whole I’m pretty pleased with what’s emerging, it feels like there is some potential there – I just need to lean into the language a little more, stretch what I’m trying to say (although on some pieces, working out what I’m trying to say would be a good start!).

I actually feel like a writer again for the first time in months, feel like I have something worth saying. I realise for the early part of this year I’ve been writing just cos that’s ‘what I do’ rather than because it’s ‘what I need to do’. The Little Blue Hut has given me back that need to write.

The Hut feels like it’s mine now, and feels like it has a life and personality of its own – I’ve found myself saying ‘hello’ when I arrive, reading aloud to it and almost waiting for a response – it’s a bit like talking to a dog… a big, blue, wooden dog….

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