Monday, 18 July 2011

Life after the Little Blue Hut.

I confess I cried when I walked away from the hut for the last time, it was like saying goodbye to someone I love. It has been such an amazing experience that I never wanted it to end.

I think my family are probably glad it’s over though – for the last 6 weeks I have spent every spare hour there, I think in all that time there were only 4 days I didn’t visit.

I’ve learnt how important it is for me to have my own space to write, and also just to sit and think. So my mission this weekend was to reclaim my tiny office from the junk and piles of washing waiting to be put away. It’s all done now and I have no excuse not to carry on writing as I have been recently. And, just maybe, if I concentrate really hard, I can imagine I’m in the hut again (with the added advantage/distraction of my computer). Out of my window I can even see a tiny sliver of sea between the houses.

It is harder though. Even as I’m sitting here, I’m can hear the washing up screaming at me. I’m resisting, but it is a distraction. It was far easier when I could just leave it all behind me. But I guess that’s just a case of training my brain.

I think I will keep this blog going though, after all it's 2011 - shouldn’t every writer have a blog? And since the Little Blue Hut I feel more like a writer than I ever have done before.

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